Stadium Brain

Time Layer

In general everything you do in Stadium Brain is not shown on your output screen until you press the GO button. The only exception of this rule is the time layer, as it’s content is rendered several times each second. The formatting attributes are exactly the same as with text layers, but they can handle the time template variables.

<time fontfamily='HelveticaNeue-Bold' fontsize='160' textalign='center' color='0xffffff' xPoint='300' yPoint='830' width='1320' height='200' >{{time:matchTime}}</time>

A layer to show the current match time

time Attributes

Attribute Value Default
xPoint pixel value
yPoint pixel value
width pixel value
height pixel value
fontfamily postscript name
fontsize pixel value
color hex value
textalign left, center, right left
multiline 0 or 1 0
rotation 0-359 0
fadeIn seconds 0
inTime seconds 0