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Text Layer

In text layers there are more mandatory attributes. Beside position and size of the text box, you have to declare a fontfamily (PostScript name), a fontsize (pixel value) and a color (hexcode).

Optional attributes are textalign and multiline. textalign can be set to left, center and right and defaults to left alignment. multiline determines the word wrap. If set off (0), which is the default, the text is clipped, if the line is longer than the assigned box. If turned on (1) longer lines are wrapped between words.

Like image layers, text layers can also have a rotation that is declared in degree clockwise with a default of 0.

<text xPoint="30" yPoint="400" width="1728" height="300" fontfamily="HelveticaNeue-Bold" fontsize="200" color="0xff5741" textalign="center" multiline="1">Hello audience!</text>

A centered text layer

text Attributes

Attribute Value Default
xPoint pixel value
yPoint pixel value
width pixel value
height pixel value
fontfamily postscript name
fontsize pixel value
color hex value
textalign left, center, right left
multiline 0 or 1 0
rotation 0-359 0
fadeIn seconds 0
inTime seconds 0