Stadium Brain

a soccer stadium running Stadium Brain

The most advanced solution to control your stadium scoreboard!

With Stadium Brain you can control all the output on your stadium scoreboard. Intuitive and easy!

Manage the teams, style your score presentation and show player changes, cards, corner statistics and much more.
Even during a match, everything can easily be done in realtime.


Intuitive User Interface

interface show

With our, easy to use, battle proven user interface you can just jump right into action without any need for practice.

See immediately what the output will be and send it to your display simply by pressing GO. That way you never have anything unintended showing on your display and even a heated match will become a smooth experience.

Also the content management part, where you can set up teams, background pictures etc., is structured in the most simple way possible and easy to understand.

Fully customisable


With our innovative template system, there is no limit in bringing your imaginations to life.

Combine image, video and text layers just as you like, to receive the results you want.
Every output of the software can be styled individually.

Becaus of its XML conformity our template system is a no brainer for anyone who has ever written HTML.

Standards compliant


Stadium Brain uses your secondary monitor as output screen, so it doesn’t matter what kind of signal you want.
With all modern Macs there is HDMI, Thunderbold (Displayport) and USB, and with hardware adapters even HD-SDI, DVI or VGA, to connect your video mixer, your LED-controller or your display directly.