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Image Layer

image layers have only the most basic attributes. xPoint and yPoint to determine the top left corner of the image. width and height for the image’s size. Both attributes expect pixel values. The aspect ratio of the image file is not taken into account, so take care that your image will not be distorted.

Images can have a rotation arround their center, that is declared in degree clockwise and defaults to 0.

The image path can be absolute, or relative to the template file position. The attribute path must then be set to ‘rel’, or it defaults to ‘abs’.

<image xPoint='1600' yPoint='40' width='280' height='280' path='rel' >squareLogo.png</image>

A typical image layer

image Attributes

Attribute Value Default
xPoint pixel value
yPoint pixel value
width pixel value
height pixel value
rotation 0-359 0
fadeIn seconds 0
inTime seconds 0
path rel, abs abs